It’s never too late to (re)learn something new

I love the fall. Yes, I was one of those nerdy types who was happy about returning to school in September. I love learning! That’s probably why I’ve spent so many years pursuing my education. And, to this day, I still look for new things to add to my activities. Right after graduate school, I… Continue reading It’s never too late to (re)learn something new

Eat, pray, love

Of course you’ve heard about the new movie starring Julia Roberts. I decided to wait until I had finished the book before I saw the film. The book of course has more substance – you just can’t put everything into 2 hours and 15 minutes. I loved the way she described her feelings, good and… Continue reading Eat, pray, love

My newest toy

Back in December, I received an email from a colleague stating that she was getting a ‘nook’ for Christmas from her dear husband. She was looking to connect with others who had one. After scratching my head for a few days, I decided to swallow my pride and ask her what was a ‘nook’? She… Continue reading My newest toy