Tools for Today’s Stress

I learned about the HeartMath products at a seminar several years ago. I have since purchased and received training on using these in my practice. Here is an excerpt from an article I found today on using HeartMath. I have them to be beneficial in my work with clients. Tools for Today’s Stress Many people… Continue reading Tools for Today’s Stress

“Is Stress making you fat?”

I found this quote in a book several years ago – “Stress will kill you, but first it will make you fat”. The vast majority of people understand the connection between high levels of stress and certain physical conditions such as heart attacks and strokes. However, most of us tend to ignore the ongoing effects… Continue reading “Is Stress making you fat?”

Team Edward or Team Jacob?

If you are a breathing female of any age who reads, you most likely know what I’m referring to – the two hunks in the “Twilight” love triangle. While I thoroughly enjoyed reading the Stepanie Meyer novels, the polarization between the two camps of ‘Twi-hards’ is amusing. Whether I’m talking with an old friend or… Continue reading Team Edward or Team Jacob?