Happy yet?

“A good exercise for the heart is to bend down and help another up.” -Anonymous Are you happy yet? What makes you happy? How happy are you? Despite all of the things we have at our disposal these days, too many of us feel that happiness remains just out of our reach. I have found… Continue reading Happy yet?


A “get rich” plan that works

During my commute this week, I noticed a new sign at a local church. The message was simple but really made me stop and think. “Get Rich Quick – Count Your Blessings!” For most of us, we rush through our days trying to complete our to-do lists, consumed with what we need or don’t have.… Continue reading A “get rich” plan that works

Running, running, I love to run…

Well, this past Saturday my training group started up again. The summer/fall session for Marathoners In Training started bright and early. I was so ready because the winter was so bad (icy) that I decided against doing a spring half-marathon. I am looking forward to doing the Columbus Marathon this October for the second time.… Continue reading Running, running, I love to run…