The most stressful time of the year!

Are you feeling it? The urge to scream at all the ads on tv or throttle your loved ones? That’s right. It’s Holiday Time! For most of us, the hoildays are a time of love, joy, and peaceful family gatherings. Okay, most of us wish for that. But, it deosn’t have to be terrible. The… Continue reading The most stressful time of the year!


Have you heard of “Half-Assed”?

I just finished reading this book, “Half-Assed” by Jennette Fulda about her weight loss journey. It is hilarious in places and quite contemplative in others. What I most enjoyed was that she did not offer any excuses for how she reached her top weight (nearly 380 pounds). Instead, her book focuses on making the hard… Continue reading Have you heard of “Half-Assed”?