It’s never too late to (re)learn something new

I love the fall. Yes, I was one of those nerdy types who was happy about returning to school in September. I love learning! That’s probably why I’ve spent so many years pursuing my education. And, to this day, I still look for new things to add to my activities. Right after graduate school, I… Continue reading It’s never too late to (re)learn something new

Running toys

Since I’ve become serious about my run/walking routine, I’ve been searching for the perfect way to keep track of time, distance, etc. I love the Garmin products but they have always been a little too pricy for my budget. Four years ago, I found I could buy an older model Garmin Forerunner online. I was… Continue reading Running toys

Running, running, I love to run…

Well, this past Saturday my training group started up again. The summer/fall session for Marathoners In Training started bright and early. I was so ready because the winter was so bad (icy) that I decided against doing a spring half-marathon. I am looking forward to doing the Columbus Marathon this October for the second time.… Continue reading Running, running, I love to run…

Have you heard of “Half-Assed”?

I just finished reading this book, “Half-Assed” by Jennette Fulda about her weight loss journey. It is hilarious in places and quite contemplative in others. What I most enjoyed was that she did not offer any excuses for how she reached her top weight (nearly 380 pounds). Instead, her book focuses on making the hard… Continue reading Have you heard of “Half-Assed”?