Diet Failure?

You probably saw ‘Oprah’ yesterday – Kirstie Alley was on talking about her weight gain over the past two years. It was painful to watch Kirstie try to explain what had happened after her successful ‘bikini show’. It was clear that she had made some bad choices (removing her exercise equipment to the garage), indulging… Continue reading Diet Failure?

I was having lunch today at a popular restaurant when I noticed several ladies leaving. What made me notice them was their weight – all would count as being obese. Since I work with women around health and weight issues, I am seeing heavier women everywhere I go. It is clear that obesity is becoming… Continue reading

In my work as a psychologist and a life coach, I have had many opportunities to work with women who are concerned about their body image. For some of them, weight loss is the goal. For others, it is about dealing with being a plus-sized woman. A common theme that I see is that each… Continue reading