Get to know me

I am a Clinical Psychologist and Life Coach (member of the International Coach Federation) with over 20 years of experience working in private practice and community service. My husband, George, and I are active in our community and church and have dedicated ourselves to making a difference in the lives of others.

My services include one-on-one life coaching, workshops, and seminars to offer women various opportunities to improve the quality of their lives. Using principles from Positive Psychology, I encourage and guide my clients in learning to identify and utilize their God-given individual strengths and talents to create lives that are more successful and meaningful.

Nothing gives me greater pleasure than to see my clients fulfill their life long dreams by gaining confidence and self-assurance. Sometimes a person cannot handle the challenges that cause stress because of low self-esteem or the inability to take proper care of themselves. For some, just being able to say “No, I can’t” without feeling guilty is major step toward self care and stress reduction. I help my clients understand their true personal values and put a plan into action that allows them to acknowledge and practice what is most important to them. Whether we are working one-on-one or in a workshop, I want my clients to experience greater control over their fears, doubts, and limiting beliefs. Many people are blocked by hidden challenges and it requires insight, encouragement and inspiration to help open those doors. This is the work that I believe God has called me to do and I love it!


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