Are You in a Winter Season (spiritually)?

One of my favorite Bible verses is Ecclesiastes 3:1 “To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven.” Looking at life according to the seasons, I am reminded that there are periods of growth, bloom, harvest, and waiting. The winter season is one where we are all usually waiting. People who love to garden spend the cold, frosty days dreaming as they page through seed catalogs. People who enjoy the outdoors are counting the days until they can throw off heavy coats and boots and run freely through the parks or go fishing at the lakes.
Having lived my entire life in Ohio, I have always enjoyed the variety of four different seasons. That is the main reason why I have never seriously contemplated living anywhere else. However, winter can be a challenge for most of us. We become more home-bound, cozy up in sweaters and blankets while we make our favorite comfort foods. This wouldn’t be so bad except for those pesky resolutions that many people made a few weeks ago. You know what I mean. Those plans to get in shape, such as running or working out at the gym have been forgotten. Some intended to work on home improvements but who wants to lug supplies in ten degree weather?
Even if your original ideas for personal improvement this year have gone off track, it’s not too late. We have to allow ourselves opportunities to switch gears or pick different goals. Winter is a time when we can focus more on our inner lives. The days are short and the temperatures are cold, which often make the outside landscape look barren and dead. Is that a reflection of how you are feeling inside? What if we change our attitude from hiding from winter to using this season as a time for preparation for the spring and summer?
We cannot afford to waste any of the days allotted to us. Life is short and there is much to do. Why not make new goals that you can accomplish over the next six to eight weeks? Just like shoveling the snow and ice from your driveway, let’s shovel out some negative habits and old fears from your mind. This could be a time when you focus on developing a new, positive mindset. Actively practice forgiveness – of others as well as yourself. Maybe it is time to cultivate a new hobby or interest. Have you thought about learning to knit or play an instrument? Maybe you love to read; have you ever considered checking out the 100 Best Books list or possibly writing your own?
I challenge you to make good use of this season to put you in a position where you won’t emerge in spring, like the brown bear, completely surprised by the new signs of life. Do what you can to be one of those new shoots, sending roots down deep to ground you while stretch up towards the spring sunshine.
***Sidebar announcement:
Interested in learning how to make this year your best? Consider joining Dr Lewis-Lyons for an afternoon of personal growth, goal-setting, and fun. She will be offering two workshops on Saturday, February 27th at her office. The topics are “Goal Setting Made Simple” (1-2:30pm) and “Creating a Vision (Board) for your Life” (3-5pm). The cost for one workshop is $25.00, to attend both, the fee is $40.00. Please contact Dr. Lewis-Lyons at 614-433-7040 for more information.


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