End of Summer…

It was bound to happen. The warm (okay, hotter than…) sunny days are slowly getting shorter. The cool mornings are what has really convinced me that summer is coming to a close. While it is refreshing to be able to open windows at night and feel the hint of chill first thing in the morning, I find myself trying to squeeze in the rest of my summer plans.

Can it be that I really have not made it out to the pool yet? True, but I also never got around to buying a new swimsuit. Haven’t been to an amusement park? Not likely, weekends too packed. Even the picnic dinner at a concert with my hubby? It was just too hot to fathom. So, it’s almost September and I have to get on board.

I think it is time for some new planning. Why not enjoy the benefits of cooler temps and beautiful leaves? I’m sure I can come up with some ideas. A fall picnic just might work. Walks in the park sound relaxing and soothing, not pressured at all. After all, the goal here is to practice being healthy and happy. Not getting bogged down in regrets and negative thinking is a major step. Remember, you are worth some extra planning. Fall is a beautiful time of year and you get apples. Enjoy!  


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