Happy Independence Day!



Today is the 4th of July. Whether or not you enjoy fireworks or parades, I hope that you are reminded of the price of freedom. Here in the United States of America, we enjoy a wide variety of freedoms, many of which we truly take for granted. One of the freedoms that I want to talk about today is the freedom of choice. We have so many options today that we often are confused and/or frustrated about making decsions. Here are ten choices that can add to your happiness each and reduce your overall stress – try them and see how you feel after a week:

1. Choose to smile.

2. Choose to treat others with kindness.

3. Choose to move your body. Walk, dance, jump rope. Just move for 20 minutes.

4. Choose to not say what’s on your mind. After all, will it help or hurt?

5. Choose to challenge yourself. You’re stronger than you know.

6. Choose to turn off your inner critic. You’re better than you give yourself credit for.

7. Choose to practice stillness. Just see, breathe, and observe.

8. Choose to be thankful.

9. Choose water. Chances are, you’re dehydrated.

10. Choose to understand before giving your opinion. You don’t have to agree, but know why you don’t.

These just popped into my head. Share your thoughts. Be blessed!


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