World Happiness Day 2012

Have you heard of this? I have to admit that I have not. Just this week while perusing a website for yoga stuff, I saw a link to World Happiness Day. It will be this Saturday, February 11th. I was intrigued and forgot about my yoga stuff and just read for awhile. I think that actively putting more happy moments into our lives is very important to health and well-being.
An easy way to practice more happiness is by writing daily in a gratitude journal. This will help direct your attention to the positive experiences throughout your day. Simply writing a quick note at the end of the day where you list 3-5 happy moments that you are grateful for will increase your own positive feelings.
Try it for a week and see what you think. And, if you get the chance, there will be showings of the movie “Happy” on Saturday around the world. You never know where happiness will take you!


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