The most stressful time of the year!

Are you feeling it? The urge to scream at all the ads on tv or throttle your loved ones? That’s right. It’s Holiday Time! For most of us, the hoildays are a time of love, joy, and peaceful family gatherings. Okay, most of us wish for that. But, it deosn’t have to be terrible. The key is to scale back to what YOU believe is essential to your holiday celebrations. A friend mentioned to me a few weeks ago that he had to dis-invite a relative from Thanksgiving – because this person just likes to keep conflict going, all the time. That was a smart but hard decision. The health and sanity of the rest of the family mattered more and I applaud his bold move. He can always spend time with that person later.

Another concern at this time is money, specifically buying gifts. How about trying sometihng totally different? Make a family donation, take a vacation somewhere together, or offering services to one another in lieu of presents. After all, most of us don’t really need more stuff.

For women, the most important fact of the holidays is weight gain. So many parties, cookies, less time for exercise, and the stress that puts fat in the belly is what does us in. We have to prioritize and keep ourselves on the list. Your exercise routine may fade, but do something. A short walk outside and a few yoga poses may be all you can fit in, but it helps. Keep the veggies on the plate cut back on carbs at dinner to enjoy a dessert once ina while. Tuck yourself into bed early one night a week with a book and hibernate. And, take your vitamins. Focus on what is important, and let the rest go. It’ll be there on January 2nd. Take care!


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