Are you ready for some football?

I must admit it – I am a bigger football fan than my husband. I’m not sure how this came to be but that’s the way it is. There have been moments when I catch myself trying to listen to him describe some funny story as I relunctantly shift my gaze from the tv to him.

My DH has been suggesting we go apple-picking for several weeks now. Last Sunday after church, I told that today would be a good day. We had wonderful weather and even took some pictures. On the ride home, he asked what time my team (Cleveland Browns) would be on. I hid my smile as I told him “No game today, it’s a bye week for them”. He laughed and said he was glad it all worked out.

So, do you have a hobby or interest that sometimes takes up too much time? Does it get in the way of romantic dinners? Let me know how you handle things. After all, my team will have a winning season eventually!


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