How & why do I run?

Hello! Some people have asked how I started running. So, here is a post from my newsletter archives from 2007.

It appears that spring has actually finally arrived here in Central Ohio! I know that you are all looking forward to getting out in the fresh air, working in gardens, watching kids at sporting events and maybe getting some exercise in for yourselves. Well, last weekend I participated in the Capital City Half-Marathon and had a ball! Those of you who know me are aware that I reconnected with an old love, running, about 2 ½ years ago.
I started running in college, back in the 70’s as a way to keep my weight down. Many years passed and I would occasionally think about running but time was always an issue. After getting married, I found running useful for to learn my way around campus and meet new friends. I’d enter short races a couple of times each year to see how I performed. After awhile, the love affair with running began to fade. I had become attracted to step aerobics, Pilates, and weight training. However, none of these held my attention very long.
So, after Thanksgiving dinner in 2005, we went out for a walk before serving dessert. It started to snow lightly and I felt that old urge…run a few steps, see how it feels. I did, and it felt good. I did it again the next day. It was hard and it hurt (don’t believe anyone who says running is not hard) but it was worth the discomfort and the sweat. It is my favorite form of stress relief and I love the way I feel once my body is warmed up and ready to go. I have music that is just for running and spend too much time in my favorite running store, but it is very easy for my family to shop for me now.
My point here is that we all had something that felt great to us, whether it was exercise, a hobby, a learning activity. I suggest you try to recall what really gave you a thrill back when you were 9, 14 or even 21! Spend some time re-exploring and you might find out something new about yourself! I never thought of myself as an athlete or even competitive before. I have learned that I am much stronger, mentally and physically, than I ever imagined. I am also willing to test my limits, to see how far I can go, taking on some of my own doubts and fears, including a full marathon. Life is an adventure. Where will yours take you?

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