Summer Travels

This time of year often includes family reunions. While traveling can be fun, it can also take a toll on your systems. Feeling more tired, irritable, and stiff (especially from car trips) is normal. Eating foods that you don’t normally have, working out less often, and sleeping in a hotel bed may impact your stress level.

Since the summer vacation season has just begun for most of you, here are some suggestions to help you maintain a level head while traveling.

1. Plan for eating on the road. We always pack a big cooler with lots of ice to keep water (for me), soft drinks (for husband), and some yogurt and fruit. We also carry a bag of favorite snacks that aren’t too messy to eat while moving, like pretzels and string cheese. We try to stop by one real restaurant during the day, where we can have healthier options.
2. Keep up some exercise. My husband knows that when he books a hotel, it must have an exercise room. I always pack my running gear hoping to enjoy a local park but I’m usually found on the treadmill at 6:30 am because it’s more convenient. Even if you don’t want to pack a lot of extra stuff, consider walking paths around the hotel, enjoy the pool (before the kids arrive), or download a simple routine on your mp3 player.
3. Party Food! Family reunions give us the chance to bring out favorite dishes and cook up a storm. I knew that I would not be eating a lot of the rich, heavier items so I brought frozen veggie burgers and a big fruit tray from the local grocery. The fruit disappeared long before the cakes!
4. Sleeping well is a major factor in our health. Just know that when you are on the road, you are going to encounter noisy hotel guests, loud air conditioners, and maybe even a fire alarm (courtesy of the NHG). Take what you need from home to feel comfortable. For me that includes a pillow from home, a tea light travel candle and extra soft pj’s to help usher me to dreamland.

I hope that you are enjoying this summer and if you have the chance to see some old (or new) relatives, don’t pass it up! Blessings to you all, Jacqui

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