As we have seen in recent years, there is a growing trend of tweeting and/or posting explicit pictures on the internet. I really wonder what these people are thinking. When did it become acceptable and appropriate to display onesself to the world? Now, before you call me a prude, I just want to say that this behavior is causing a variety of problems and I don’t see an upside.

Whether you are a public figure, celebrity, or politician, what in your position requires such pictures? I know that it happens in all circles but what is the point? I see two major issues going on here:
1) people who feel the need to do whatever to get attention from others;
2) people who have some problems with how they handle their sexuality.

I have been quite surprised and embarrassed for what some people put out there to advertise a business or even just on Facebook. We see in the news daily how these types of pictures are usually just the tip of the iceberg which lead to relationship problems. It is clear that
many people are just not thinking about the possible consequences of this behavior. What is your opinion? What is your first impression on these pictures?

2 thoughts on “Overexposure!

  1. You know, like many things in society today – it is something that our generation just grows up with. I don’t think it is EVERY person though. Honestly, at 22 years old – I get embarrassed for them too! I agree, it makes you come across somewhat…desperate. I do think that sometimes, in fashion – risky outfits can be kind of cool. Not like super super short, low, or tight – but ways to show off your figure a bit classier (tho some may still call it provocative). I am also really confused at a bar or party when someone pulls out a camera and starts shooting themselves – it’s like, you aren’t even enjoying the party, you are more concerned about posting pics for people you barely know to see on facebook – just so bizarre…

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