For the Internet-challenged among us

My daughter enjoys my weaknesses, especially when she can either get a good laugh or be paid to help me. Getting things done on my computer fall into this category and as a result, she often gets her wish (laughing at me and free coffee). I admit that I have no idea how to load music onto my ipod and without her I’d be running to to thoughts in my head – not nearly motivating enough to run by!

Creating this blog was one thing that I managed to do without her help though when she reads it, she always has suggestions for ‘inprovement’ that make no sense to me. Anyway, I continue to write and surf the web on my own and try not to complain to her too often. So, you can imagine my absolute glee when I found that I could load coupons onto my grocery card! I am usually the lady in front of you at the store trying to find the crumpled coupons in her bag, but no more! It was kinda fun picking out which coupons I wanted without ‘clipping’.

Are there things that you feel you can’t do or are hesitant to try? There is no such thing as being too old anymore. Often it is just our mindset that gets in the way. Sometimes we don’t like asking for help or appearing dumb. If we take our time, learn the steps, and practice, we can acquire lots of new skills. For me, it is worth the price of coffee to spend time with my daughter for a few hours. But one day I will have to learn to get music on my own.

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