Rewards and Partners

Today is March 1st. That means new opportunities start today. I love the beginning of each month. While I try to identify new goals and check progress on current ones, I’m always excited to see what will happen. What helps you stay motivated to work toward your goals? I wrote a little about rewards several weeks ago. I like to pick things as rewards that I would not normally do for myself- like buy fresh flowers or try a fancy new tea.

While I was not as successful as I had hoped with February (so many things out of my control got in the way – see last post), I learned to make adjustments. That meant I tried some different workouts when couldn’t run and got a new french grammer book to prepare for meetings with my student. Even though life seems to throw more than a few curveballs, we can’t just give up. Here’s a great quote : “It does not matter how slowly you go so long as you don’t stop” (by Confucius). That will be my motto for the rest of the year. Just …don’t…stop.

Another motivating point for me is having a partner to share frustrations and successes with. I have a friend at the gym with whom I confess good and bad days. I value her support because she is honest and bright. She takes her diet and exercise routine seriously
and stays up to date on new information. I recommend finding such a partner to help you in whatever you are planning, whether it is around exercise, career changes, or school. Be blessed!

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