Making Goals

Welcome to my first post of the new year! Everyone is thinkng about making changes and planning their new years goals, I’ve decided to share my goals with you. I’ve written about how to make SMART goals and I’m sure that you understand the how and why by now.

I love making lists because I get a thrill everytime I can check something off as DONE. Checking out some other blogs I have seen that many others share my passion for lists because they can be motivating and rewarding at the same time.

So, here is part of my plan for 2011: to complete a full marathon with improved time, start a small container garden for herbs and veggies, really improve my French skills. I’m breaking these down into smaller monthly goals that will help me succeed:

January 2011:

Exercise – to run 10 miles/wk, strength train 2x/wk, Yoga 2x/wk
Personal – Read 2 books, practice French for 2 hrs/wk, memorize one Bible verse/wk
Professional – Post on blog weekly, complete vision board, plan & advertise one workshop.

There, you have my plans. Let me know what you are doing to get your year started.

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