3,2,1…Happy New Year!

Just a couple more days and we will be in 2011 – seemes hard to believe that this year is practically over. If you are like me, you probably spent too much time with your head in a tizzy from all that was going on. Well, take a deep breath and let’s try to focus on a few of the highlights of this year before we say ‘bye-bye’ to 2010.

As you know, I’m not one for New Year’s resolutions. I believe they cause more stress than encouragement for most people. And, really, do you actually believe that this time will be different? Why start the new year feeling like a failure by mid-January?

Instead, I encourage people (and myself) to make clear specific goals, and to break them into small, achievable steps. For example, rather than promising to lose weight, focus on eating more vegetables and working out three times a week. This way your goal is proactive and you are being responsible.

But before you even make those goals, take some time before midnight on December 31st to look at your accomplishments from this year. It might be challenging to recall some of your successes but that is why we must do it, this is not bragging. We need to acknowledge our successes. We know that the mistakes are always fresh on our minds. So, make a list of what you did well this year and celebrate a little. Look at how that success may change your life.
I know for me getting my first book out and doing some public speaking events helped me identify some different goals, things that I would have said were not for me. Don’t count things out because they might be a little scary – you never know what is just around the corner.

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