A “get rich” plan that works

During my commute this week, I noticed a new sign at a local church. The message was simple but really made me stop and think. “Get Rich Quick – Count Your Blessings!” For most of us, we rush through our days trying to complete our to-do lists, consumed with what we need or don’t have. This mindset is highlighted by our national obsession with celebrity lifestyles and reality shows. We are constantly reminded of what we don’t have in our lives.

It’s really too bad that envy is such a common feeling. Who says that I have to set my holiday table like the Kardashians? We assume that our lives are not as good, glamorous or happy as someone else. We shortchange what we do have by thinking this way.

I have been guilty of this too; it’s like a dis-ease is spreading – what we have is just not good enough and that means that WE are not good enough. Instead, lets’s focus on the positive. I have been trying to keep a list of things I notice everyday that bless my life. Sure, once I wrote that I was still breathing (had a bad cold), but I have been able to identify many more blessings that touch me day by day.

So, if you are feeling like the glass is half-empty rather than half-full, look more closely at what’s already in the glass. You may find that the glass is actually overflowing.

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