Running toys

Since I’ve become serious about my run/walking routine, I’ve been searching for the perfect way to keep track of time, distance, etc. I love the Garmin products but they have always been a little too pricy for my budget. Four years ago, I found I could buy an older model Garmin Forerunner online. I was so thrilled when it arrived! I ran up and down my street just to see haw far and how fast (or slow). Yeah, I drove my husband nuts with it.

Earlier this year I decided I needed to upgrade a bit so I could track my heart rate since I am in my 50’s and plus-sized. I ordered a newer model but it really wasn’t right for me. Too heavy, didn’t fit my bony wrist (despite being plus-sized everywhere else), and I couldn’t read my HR numbers. So, the search continued.

Just this month Garmin introduced a new Forerunner designed for ‘newbies’. It does all that I want, like average pace, distance, hr, and calorie burn! I did not gripe about the price, ordered it as soon as I could and waited. And waited. Anyway, I got it last week and have been totally pleased! I even figured out on my own how to upload so I can see my results! It was so cool that I even ran an extra day just to see how many calories I burned! This will keep me excited for a long time. I’m a person who needs that kind of feedback to stay motivated. So, if you are like me, you may want to check out the Forerunner 110 by Garmin. Now my husband wants one…

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