Running, running, I love to run…

Well, this past Saturday my training group started up again. The summer/fall session for Marathoners In Training started bright and early. I was so ready because the winter was so bad (icy) that I decided against doing a spring half-marathon. I am looking forward to doing the Columbus Marathon this October for the second time. My only goal is to improve my time and that shouldn’t betoo hard since I came in dead last two years ago (back spasm, long story).

I love training with this group because even though I am slow, I feel comfortable with the program. There is a ton of support, great coaching, and informative sessions from experts. What makes it even more fun is that my dear hubby joined last year and did not grumble when I woke him up at 6am on Saturday (he is so not a morning exercise person). There was no rain despite the clouds but I was just so happy to be outside that I did 4.5 miles instead of the 4 planned. Yes, I’m one who barely tolerates the treadmill but appreciates it during the winter. So, if you happen to be out taking a stroll on the Olentangy Trail, you may be surprised to see how many crazy folks get up early to meet the sunrise in running shoes.

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