Monday, March 1st

Can you feel it? It’s coming…Spring is actually just three weeks away! I know I’m being silly but this winter, or more accurately this February has worn me out. I’m sick of snow and ice and frigid temps. I want to be able to order a salad for lunch but haven’t because it’s too cold. It is too easy to overdose on comfort food when you feel like you’re living in Alaska.

I did manage to crawl out from my Snuggie last week and make it to the library. I love having a few new books to read when I’m sick of the tv at night. Some of my favorites actually have plus-size leading characters. If you’re looking for a a new series to read, check out “Size 12 is not Fat!” by Meg Cabot or the feisty detective Savannh Reid by G.A. McKevett (“Killer Calories”, “Just Desserts”, “Death By Chocolate”). These books are hilarious and just plain fun to read. If you’re interested in reading about characters who are like us, these are two of the best writers. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. Let me know what you think!

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