Wednesday, February 24th

Today I decided to run a few errands at lunch. One involved exchanging some earrings I bought at Lane Bryant. The staff was very helpful and pleasant overall, but…I was more that a little surprised by their appearance. The two women that I had contact with looked, how to say this nicely…well, sloppy.

Now, I know that we all have bad days and may not care about how we look. When those days come, I hope that we have learned some smart coverup tactics and can return to the confines of our homes soon. But if you are working with the public and presenting yourself as an example for the fashions you are selling,the rules are different.

One salesperson’s nails were painted a bad shade of blue and chipped on top of it. Her pants were too long and I was worried she might trip over them. No makeup (I know, could be a personal choice) and unkempt hair completed the ensemble. She was pleasant but it made me wonder if she was having a bad day or just oblivious to how she presented herself.

Like I said, I know that we all have had days where getting dressed just seems like torture. And, this may be a more often predicament for plus-size women. However, we do’t have to ‘give up’ and not take any pride in our appearance. After all, we can look good regardless of the size on the tag. I say, check your lipstick, smile, and be your best self!

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