Monday, February 8th

Good afternoon! I hope that everyone had a chance to enjoy the lovely snow over the weekend. I missed my long run outside and avoided the treadmill. Did a FIRM dvd instead even though I did need miles. Anyway, Mother Nature has her own plan for the weather and I have to make adjustments. Speaking of adjustments, how flexible are you when plans go awry?

It is easy to pout, tantrum and settle into a blue funk (yes, I’ve done these things too…) but it really doesn’t get anything done. After so many opportunities to try a new approach, I have finally learned that it is much more beneficial to have a Plan B (and C and D). This time of year always presents challenges for my training for a spring race so I start a few weeks earlier so I have the space to ‘make up’ days for long runs, which I prefer to do outside.

The key is keeping in mind that I love how I feel after working out so I don’t like to miss. I have a library of dvds to use when kept indoors. Breaking a good sweat seems to relax me and boosts my self-esteem. That is reason enough for me keep at it despite the weather. What do you like to do, indoors or out? I wish you much fun in whatever activity you enjoy.

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