Thursday, February 4th

Today I spent some time looking at websites and blogs dedicated to plus-size women. I was pleased to see that many women (and the men that love them) asked questions about fitness wear. This is an issue that I constantly whine about (according to my dear husband). It can be very difficult to find tops and bottoms that fit well, wear well, and look good. As a runner, most of my sports budget goes to my shoes and if you need a referral I would suggest you check out Fleet Feet stores – they are great. I am tall and I have big feet so I wear men’s shoe for running. However, I do try to find workout wear for women. For years, I was resigned to buying my technical (for wicking) tops and pants (for more length) in the men’s area. Just in the past two years have I been able to gradually exchange lots of my running clothes – thanks to Target stores. They usually carry women’s sizes up to XXL and now some pants come in tall. It makes me feel great to be able to pull on a yellow or pink top instead of just black or grey. Don’t let the small sizes in most stores make you shy away from getting healthy exercise. It may take some extra time, and trial and error (with online shopping) but stick with it. After all, we are still girls and love to celebrate our femininity.

One thought on “Thursday, February 4th

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    Thank you,

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