Tuesday, January 26th

As a plus-size woman, I understand how difficult some common things can be for us. For example, buying clothes. Ordering things online can be quite challenging because you may have to return items because of fit problems. It would be so nice if all clothes were consistent in size. I don’t understand why that’s done for men’s clothing but not women’s.

Another complication is our own pride. I know I have been guilty of this way too many times over the years. Buying something a little small , with the plan to lose enough weight to fit into it in the near future. Have you ever done this? I have given away so many clothes over the years because it was clear I was never going to fit into that certain size.

As hard as it can be, I’ve had to acknowledge that I ‘m most likely to remain plus-size even if I lose 40 pounds. It was painful to think that my dream dress size (12-14) would still count as plus-size. But, that does not mean that I have to practice an unhealthy lifestyle. Making intelligent food choices and exercising on a regular basis will do much for one’s overall health. Even more important is making the choice to lover yourself regardless of the tag in your dress. What are you dealing with out there?

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