Tuesday, January 19th

We are in the third week of the new year. I have to say that despite my exercise routine and changes in eating, I have not lost any weight. This bothers me because one of my goals this year is to cut down my 1/2 marathon time by 30 minutes. That will only happen by losing at least 20 pounds. This is always a frustrating issue for me. I know that many of you deal with extra pounds. While I accept being a plus-sized woman, I do want to increase my overall health and I just weigh too much!

Now I admit that I love sweets but I have been cutting way back, having a few bites of dark chocolate for dessert with some fruit. Changing how you regard yourself while making healthier choices is very important. The key is to focus on making changes out of love for you rather than punishing yourself for being overweight.

What kinds of things do you say to yourself when you’re having a bad day? Do you blame yourself and the rest of the world? Do you dive into a bag of chips, not coming up for air until your fingers are covered in salt and grease? That’s when you need to stop, take a few deep breaths and really think about what you need. Maybe a relaxing bath, time to read without guilt, or a nice bowl of soup. Most of all, be kind to yourself. We all respond better to love than nagging!

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