I was having lunch today at a popular restaurant when I noticed several ladies leaving. What made me notice them was their weight – all would count as being obese. Since I work with women around health and weight issues, I am seeing heavier women everywhere I go. It is clear that obesity is becoming a true health crisis in America. Another reason why these women caught my eye was that they had a very young girl with them. I wondered what types of eating habits she was learning from her family, what they may have ordered, etc.
We all know that losing weight is a difficult decision and process. For many women, especially once they hit middle-age, they just ‘give up’. They assume that its too late for them, too hard to start an exercise program, doubt their ability to change eating behaviors. It is never too late to make healthy changes in your life! This is even more important if you are still raising children who are looking to you as an example. We must remember that our behaviors don’t just impact us – they also affect our children. Your children may be the incentive you need to choose more fruits and vegetables, turn off the tv during meals, dring more water, and take a walk in the afternoon. Start with small changes; it will add up over time. You can be healthy even if you are plus-sized but obesity is never healthy.

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