In my work as a psychologist and a life coach, I have had many opportunities to work with women who are concerned about their body image. For some of them, weight loss is the goal. For others, it is about dealing with being a plus-sized woman. A common theme that I see is that each one of them was under the belief that their weight was the most important factor in their life. It is clear that women base much of their personal value and importance on their appearance. This is not to say that men do not care about their looks. It is just a fact that most men tend to identify themselves through their work.
In contrast, when women describe themselves (or others) the initial descriptive terms are usually physical. “She has the long red hair” ; “The one who is kinda heavy”; The tall one with the glasses”.
We are so much more than just a size or a number on the scale. Take some time and make a list of your inner qualities, such as kindness, being artistic, or loving books. It’s time to regard yourself as a whole person, not just a body. Being ‘whole’ includes body, mind, and spirit. Celebrate all parts of you!

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